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Role And Responsibilities 

(English will follow) 

Dans le cadre de ses fonctions, il incombe au Planificateur I de coordonner les activités de nature spécialisée provenant généralement de sources internes ou externes aboutissant à une activité ou à un produit définitif. Ces responsabilités requièrent une bonne connaissance pratique des procédures du service nécessaires à l’accomplissement des activités professionnelles.Les Responsabilités Comprendront Notamment

  • Recueillir les données sous étroite surveillance.
  • Prévoir les ressources pour réaliser la formation des instructeurs, la formation des clients, les démonstrations, la certification de simulation et répondre aux exigences en matière de maintenance.
  • Déterminer et coordonner l’envoi de documents.
  • Publier des calendriers pour l’instructeur.
  • S’assurer que tous les événements sont associés à la réglementation appropriée.
  • Prévoir les ressources de l’instructeur pour une productivité optimale.


  • Diplôme d’études secondaires.
  • De 0 à 1 an d’expérience pertinente.
  • Maîtrise de l’anglais .

In this role, the Scheduler I will be responsible for coordinating activities of specialized nature usually coming from different sources (internal or external) conducting to final product/activity. Responsibilities require sound working knowledge of procedures in the department necessary to accomplish work activities.

Responsibilities Will Include, But Are Not Limited To

  • Compile data under close supervision.
  • Schedule resources to accomplish instructor training, client training, demonstrations, simulator certification and maintenance requirements.
  • Identify and coordinate shipment of documentation and/or materials.
  • Publish instructor schedules.
  • Insure all events are assigned with appropriate regulations.
  • Schedule Instructor resources for maximum productivity.


  • High school diploma.
  • 0 to 1 year of relevant experience.
  • Fluency in English

Position Type


CAE thanks all applicants for their interest. However, only those whose background and experience match the requirements of the role will be contacted.

Equal Employment Opportunity

At CAE, everyone is welcome to contribute to our success. With no exception.

Cabin crew Jobs in Bilbao All Information

  • Qualification Required: – Various degree’s for various post.
  • Experience: – Fresher or Experienced both can apply.
  • Salary: It’s Depends on your job designation.
  • Language: Verbal & Written communication in English and other Local language, will be an added advantage.
  • What Skills Required for getting a job: Positive attitude, Being calm and cheerful when things go wrong, Communication, You can listen and say information clearly when you speak or write, Teamwork, Self-management, Willingness to learn, Thinking skills (problem solving attitude and decision making).
  • How To Apply: Application Process is very simple. Apply directly online using apply button and will get back to you after review your profile.
  • how is life at Company: Its very energetic.

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What are the pros and cons of working in a corporate sector?

As you asked a general question, I’ll give a general answer. But please be aware that there are many specifics here that influence the real life attractiveness of any one job.

So, generally speaking –

The Pros-

1. You have financial security.

2. You get more perks and benefits like Affordable health insurance, Paid leave and all.

3. Often many offices all over the country or worldwide giving possibilities for relocation.

4. If you make a mess of things, apologies and get down to correcting it. You will have a better status.

5. You’ll learn how to handles distorted, skewed and grotesque situations with politeness. You’ll have no other option.

6. Resilience against staff fall-out due to illness, accidents, resignation or dismissal. In a small organization fall-out of one staff member can already drastically increase the workload of all the others.

7. Best salary in industry.
8. Attractive benefits and perks.
9. Structured organization and clear career path.

10. Potential to learn from the corporation’s experience and There are more career development opportunities.

The Cons-

1. The corporation is so big, your contribution seems insignificant and there’s more bureaucracy.
2. Any employee is dispensable, you are just another speck of dust and there’s less room to experiment.
3. There’s stiff competition .
4. Many smaller companies shy away from hiring ex – employees of big corporations, fearing they cannot match the pay and there’s less transparency.


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